About The Doctor

B.D.S, M.I.A, P.h.D, M.I.A.R.D, M.A.D.A (U.S.A) Member of: American Dental Association CDE Convenor (IDA Noida) Indian Association of Restorative Dentistry Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry Executive Member Indian Dental Association (Noida)

Dr.Thind believes he is a simple general practitioner who also involves himself in innovative & advanced dentistry. He completed his B.D.S in 2001 and ever since then has been on the outlook for continous dental education in order to achieve excellence and perfection into his field of dentistry. He continues to do hands on and scientific lecture programs till date, aiming towards learning the latest trends and techniques in dental sciences despite his busy schedule at his private practice.

He is honored to be a former part of Maulana Azad Medical College( Dental Wing & Research Institute) where he has worked extensively for a period of around 3 yrs including a W.H.O project which works for the upliftment of the population in need.

As per his philosophy of life three things work best for him Discipline, Dedication & Devotion towards his profession and patients. As he says "There are absolutely no short cuts to success" he means one has to

follow a systematic, scientific & a human approach towards treating patients. He simply loves children and spends a lot of time listening, treating and educating them.

Besides Dentistry, Dr.Thind practices ancient Japanese Martial Arts, AIKIDO which according to him makes the human reflexes respond fast, making one more focused yet relaxed and flexible to do day to day work with ease. He also follows the practice of Bushido which teaches us the meaning of peace.The Dental Clinic has a team approach towards complex cases, hence having a team of reputed good specialists for treatments requiring multiple tasks and solutions.

The clinic believes in providing a highest quality professional service to all its patients & possible in achieving excellence in the work.

As per Dr.Thind's philosophy, No one can claim to be the best doctor, as there is always someone better than the other who can do a better job. What one needs to do is to look for a doctor who has a good overall reputation through word of mouth and not fall for baseless claims written on the websites for materialistic gains.