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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are not something new to mankind. This procedure has been done for the last many decades. With the advancement in medical technology, we have seen a great leap jump in the development of the latest medical devices, making the treatment more accurate & predictable. Initially, many years ago, R.C.T was done manually with basic hand files & basic manual X – Rays. Although the success rate was good, there were always chances of issues of reinfections happening.
With Rotary Endodontics(Sensor-based Machine) like J.Morita & all, the prediction of accuracy almost neared 100 % in most of the patients because they have the ability to accurately measure the root canals & fill them.
With the majority of the population, the very mention of the word R.C.T induces fear relating it with a lot of pain & discomfort, more visits & the final outcome in question. Now what one needs to understand are the basic concepts involved in this complex treatment.
To start with, the treating dentist first needs to take proper digital X- Rays to check for the number of canals & its associated curvatures. Then it involves opening up the pulp chamber & locating all the canals properly. Once the location of the canals is done, we need to clean them up to their exact working length & enlarge it as well to obtain a proper hermetic seal so that no space for infection remains within the root canal system. Each & every step is very crucial & important in governing the success & failure of the treatment. Once the filling of the canals is done also known as Obturation, a core build-up material is used & a proper full-coverage crown needs to be given to give the tooth a longer life inside the oral cavity.
There are some troubleshooting factors now which can cause pain & discomfort to the patient which the patient needs to be aware of ethically & morally. These factors are as follows :
1. Underprepared canals: Meaning canals not fully prepared & filled causing pain& pressure on the tooth.
2. Over prepared & filled canals: Overzealous preparation & over extended filling in root canal system can cause severe discomfort as well.
3. Crack tooth syndrome: Even with the best of X-Rays, it is sometimes very difficult to detect a hairline fracture in the tooth which can give way later on. Percussion & compression tests can be done to check but can sometimes be misleading because of the obturation taking place & mixing the pain with post obturation pain.
4. Trauma from occlusion: Sometimes the infected tooth becomes elevated because of the increased intraoral pressure & the ligaments become tender around the tooth structure. A slight amount of vertical reduction of the tooth can help relieve the pressure pain associated with it.
5. Unlocated root canal: Sometimes because of the complex nature & structure of the root canal system, the treating dentist may not be able to locate one of the additional canals inside the tooth & hence pain can happen because of the nontreatment of that canal in question.
Fortunately as discussed, nowadays with the help of digital X –Rays and even C.T scans, we can very predictably & accurately find all these canals & do a proper treatment for any person. What one needs to look forward is an experienced dentist with in-depth knowledge about his subject & ample experience in treating such cases.

Even the crowns being made are of an absolutely precise fit because nowadays CAD/CAM technology is used in the casting & fabrication of all crowns & bridges making the best of the fit for every tooth in question. Visit:


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