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Paediatric dentistry

Paediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry has come of age a long time ago. From thinking that milk teeth having no importance, to doing r.c.t & crowns in them, things have drastically changed over the last two decades or so. Milk teeth have equal importance to them as would any other set of permanent teeth would have. The growth of the children’s jaws is crucial during the development stage and a perfect set of healthy teeth is important in this respect.
Teeth usually require simple fillings in case there are any initial primary caries in them. If caries involves the dental nerve, then R.C.T or better known as Pulpectomy in kids is the only treatment of choice left to salvage the original teeth in its original form. The nerve tissue is cleaned, shaped & irrigated with a set of rotary files & filled with dental cream & filling materials later on at the completion of this treatment. The overall long term results are usually good again depending on the experience of the operator & the techniques used.
Gone are the days when milk teeth carried no weight & importance and were extracted the moment they caused any discomfort to the patient. The culminating cause was lack of awareness during previous years, but with the advent use of smartphones & google, imparting education to the general population became very easy & resulting in the spread of awareness & better compliance in terms of treatment modalities.
It is very imperative that kids & even adults have a routine dental thorough examination done at every six months interval, in order to prevent any spread of dental disease beyond the condition of repair. As the saying always goes “ Prevention is always better than cure” stands true to its character.
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