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Our Technology - Dental

The Ethical Dental Clinic, B - 81 Sector- 50, Noida; 201307

Our Technology

Registered with an australian ISO 9001 : 2000 company we are providing our patients with the latest and best of technology. For diagnostic purposes we are using the latest computerized digital X-Rays from satellec, France. These X-Rays are known to reduce the patient exposure of upto 5 times than the normal conventional X-Rays.

For single sitting & painless root canals we are using the latest version of the J.Morita root ZX II Dentaport systems, Japan. This system aids in the accurate length determination of your root canals hence makes it very easy for the clinician to prepare them using rotary files with pin point precision and sealing them completely all in a single or maximum of two sittings depending on the level of infection present. Root canals were never so simple and easily performed.

Sterilization : We follow a three step method of sterilization. First all the instruments are disinfected by inserting them into chemicals for some time. Then they are rinsed with water and packed into pouches & fully autoclaved upto one complete standard cycle. Finally they are kept in a ultra violet chamber from where they are directly taken to the operatory ensuring complete sterilization of all the instruments before they reach the patients oral cavity.

We record the patients data manually as well as in a computerized dental data software making it easier to remember patients with their previous details. From X- Rays to diagnostic casts, we preserve everything keeping the patients future requirements in mind.