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Dental Implants Procedures

Dental Implants Procedures

During the advancement of advanced dental procedures, one of the most promising of them all was Implant dentistry which was way back developed in the 70’s. Earlier when people used to lose their god-given natural teeth, the only option left for the replacement was a removable partial denture made of acrylic resin material. Then with time, fixed bridge came into the existence requiring trimming of the front & back teeth & making a fixed bridge on the top. Now the only drawback with a bridge is that with aging, when the gums recede & the margins of the bridge change over a period of time, food starts getting lodged in between the teeth surface & since bridge is a continuous process, flossing cannot be done over there resulting in nerve exposure & invariably doing R.C.T & the fabrication of a new bridge.
Dental Implants are all together with a very different philosophy. If anyone loses any single or multiple teeth, then we only need to place the dental implant in the bone area where initially the roots of the original teeth were placed. The time taken to place a single implant ranges from 10 to 15 minutes max under local anesthesia. After the initial healing period of approximately 2-3 months, after radiographic assessment, the second stage is done & a dental crown is fixed on top of the dental implant mimicking like an absolutely original tooth. Flossing can be done in case of an independent implant & all kinds of basic food can be consumed with its help, because it works like a natural tooth. Implants do not result in a substantial amount of bone loss over a period of time, something which is very common with dentures.
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